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You don't have to take our word for what it's like working with Catch. Why not hear from your peers instead?
AS - Dynamics AX Functional Consultant

"I run my own successful consultancy business so I don't always need to use an agency and I really didn't trust agents until I dealt with Catch. However, they have proved themselves to be one of the good guys in this arena; they've never missed a payment and are a thoroughly professional team. The people I have dealt with have excellent network reach and market knowledge. The admin side is straightforward and the back office teams keep everything running smoothly."

"I have no hesitation in recommending them as an agent"

GS - JD Edwards One World Functional Consultant

"I have been working through Catch for more than four years and always find them to be the ultimate professionals. The consultants know the JDE marketplace extremely well and in the initial stages of trying to secure my contract they were able to provide me with accurate and relevant information about both the client and the role. I’ve subsequently had contracts extended on several occasions and Catch have always managed that process and ensured that I’m kept up-to-date on the situation. From an administration perspective, it is clear what is required of my Limited Company and payments are always forthcoming on the promised date."

"In summary, it is a pleasure to work with Catch and I’d have no hesitation recommending them."

MC - Create!form Consultant

"I've found it a real pleasure working through Catch particularly because of the dedication Phil Barker showed; from our first telephone conversation to securing and settling in with AB Agri and the effort he's put in to find me the next role when this one finishes."
"I respect the honesty and openness from everyone I've dealt with at Catch. There has only ever been one issue during my contract and as soon as Catch was aware of the problem it was resolved very quickly. The time logging system is also very clear and easy-to- use."

"To sum up; I've worked with Catch since September 09 and will continue to do so as they secure me contracts."

MB - EDI Analyst

"I have worked with Catch for ten years. Within the expected framework of professionalism they have a house style that is both supportive and friendly.

"Over the years I have reaped both the business and personal benefits of working with excellent colleagues all introduced by Catch."

PB - Dynamics AX Functional Consultant

"From a training perspective, a Catch AX consultant gave me some introductory one-on-one training and provided some media files of sessions, which he’d recorded for me to watch in my own time. This greatly helped me on my training course, which was very intensive, as I had some idea of what to expect and didn’t have to struggle with navigation or AX terminology."

"Catch subsequently found me a job as an AX consultant and advised me how to best position myself, given my lack of life-cycle experience with AX."

BC - Dynamics AX Functional Consultant

"Due to the unique position of Catch as a resource provider in the Microsoft Dynamics AX marketplace, I was able to quickly apply my ERP experience (backed up by Microsoft Dynamics AX certification) by engaging on active Microsoft Dynamics AX projects, within a collaborative and highly supportive framework made up of experienced project managers, application, technical and support consultants."

"Within my first two years in the AX marketplace, via Catch, I was able to support three projects through Go live"

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