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Catch Group


Catch the best ERP and IT talent
We understand how important high quality resource is in meeting your business goals so strive to supply the ERP, CRM and IT resources that provide the best chance of long term success.

Our recruitment team are specialists, able to tailor the hiring process and candidate skillsets to suit your requirements. Whether you need contract or permanent staff, we're committed to finding the perfect match for your projects, budgets and timescales.

  • is an expert in ERP life-cycle implementation and support so can match requirements more accurately
  • has the best quality ERP and CRM professionals on its database
  • represents an honest, more intelligent and value-added approach to IT recruitment
  • builds long term relationships with its clients
  • balances both client and candidate needs

Yamaha Racing
Want to increase the quality of your ERP system? Tell us what or who you are looking for and we'll be happy to help.
Attach your job description (.doc/x .txt .pdf)
If you have NOT attached a job description, please provide further details of requirements*

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