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Resourcing for Projects

Catch the best ERP talent without the fixed overheads
Our unique business model means that we are able to provide added value to our clients in the form of professional ERP services. Many of our candidates have enjoyed long term relationships with Catch and have worked directly through us at end user sites or systems integrators. These IT professionals see us as a partner, providing opportunities and support that bring mutual rewards. It is this type of relationship that makes Catch stand out from the run of the mill recruitment company.

At its heart, Catch is owned and managed by ERP professionals able to understand requirements and respond quickly and accurately to provide the best chance of success for our clients. We have a number of trusted IT professionals with whom we engage directly to provide ad-hoc project assistance to systems integrators and end users alike.

Based on current feedback from our clients, we have a unique insight into the skills and strengths of all our candidates, so even if you are looking for just a day of training on a particular JD Edwards module, a couple of weeks development on a Dynamics AX application or a full blown implementation team, we can help.

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Want to increase the quality of your ERP system? Tell us what or who you are looking for and we'll be happy to help.
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