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Making the move from JDE to D365

We know many high-profile JD Edwards end-user clients are moving to D365 F&O Software. Catch has been supplying the JD Edwards community for over 20 years and started providing resources to the Microsoft ERP community around 15  years ago. Working with both software communities has put Catch in a unique position to service clients migrating from JD Edwards to D365 F&O. As well as being able to supply resources which have been part of these projects we are very well connected to both communities and can provide project insights and discuss where challenges have developed.We are reaching out to you as a current JD Edwards user to discuss if you are considering moving to a new ERP system and if speaking to Catch or our Microsoft partners would be of interest.

Areas where Catch can assist, include –

  • Supplying JD Edwards expertise to support an outgoing JD Edwards system
  • Supplying D365 F&O project resource to bulk up an internal project team, or supply the whole team
  • Catch can offer Project, Programme and Project assurance services
  • Catch can also offer insights, market intelligence and costings for resource

Would you be interest in discussing a move to D365 F&O? If so, please reach out to our D365 Team Lead, Dan Dugay. / 01252 731383


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