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NetSuite vs Microsoft Dynamics 365

“Businesses that have grown beyond the capabilities of the entry-level accounting tools and spreadsheets they used to get their operations off the ground typically turn to cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to increase efficiency. Similarly, businesses stuck on dated versions of on-premises ERP software are also looking to cloud-based ERP to capitalize on this delivery model’s intrinsic benefits.

For companies in this position, two software providers often wind up on the short list: NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Both have a rich history in the ERP market and a comprehensive set of features for businesses across multiple industries. They both provide a single source of data from across the company and enable automation that saves their customers time and money.

Yet, there are key differences between the systems that companies should understand as they compare NetSuite with Microsoft Dynamics 365, a group of business applications that includes two ERP systems in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Read on for a detailed head-to-head comparison of system architecture, functionality, customization, integrations, support and implementation strategy. All of this information will help buyers identify the best solution for them.”

To read the article in full on the NetSuite website, click here!



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