Philip Barker - Catch Resource Management

Philip Barker

Managing Director

Photo of Phil Barker

I’ve been working in sales and service my whole career. I noticed from a young age that reliability, service and trust were crucial attributes.

I love both building relationships and helping others. I am passionate about sales strategy and setting high standards that set Catch apart from the competition.  I thrive on making sure that we do absolutely everything that we can to ensure our clients and our candidates choose to use us above everyone else.

I enjoy running in my spare time and I am a very keen amateur cook. I’ve been told my corned beef hash is Michelin star standard, and I’m striving to perfect cooking outdoors in a wood-fired oven. I’m lucky enough to work and integrate with a wide range of people, from the business elite to the guys on the ground doing the nuts and bolts work at the heart of any organisation.