Rose Clarke - Catch Resource Management

Rose Clarke

Finance & Operations Director

Photo of Rose Clarke

As the Finance and Operations Director at Catch I get to do all the non-exciting jobs that no one else wants. Luckily I’m boring enough to love all those types of things and like nothing better than problem solving, proof reading or number crunching.

I’ve been with Catch right from the start of the business so can claim to know nearly all there is to know about us and how we do things. I’m incredibly proud of Catch. We have always ‘home grown’ our talented people and it’s fantastic to see them learn, grow and become successful; highlighted by the fabulous reviews both they and general business get from those we work with.

Outside of work I’m keen to be outdoors as much as possible. I used to do a lot of endurance running events (40+ marathons and ultras) but then I discovered that if you cycle instead you can have your cake mid event so that’s my favourite now. I’m lucky enough to live by the sea and if I have any time left I can be found pottering in the garden (or drinking wine on my favourite swing seat).